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At home, in your office, you should be able to work efficiently, in a pleasant atmosphere. In addition to being a quiet environment, with no distractions, a perfect office also needs perfect lighting.

Direct and indirect lighting

It is important that the office lighting is not dazzling and that it offers good color stability. Warm white light with a high proportion of indirect lighting is less tiring for the eyes, while cool white light is considered to facilitate performance and activity. We have a whole range of wall sconces, ceiling lights and spotlights and we certainly have the right lighting system for your office. 

Desk lighting

The right desk lamp makes work much easier. You need to determine whether you need an adjustable lamp, or whether you are working on your computer. Our desk lamps are especially suitable for the needs of a home office.

Cabinets / shelf lighting

An office fully deserves to have an atmosphere created in it as well. Accentuate certain points or objects, using projectors or picture lamps. Recessed lights, surface-mounted fixtures and ceiling lights will ensure the proper lighting of your cabinets and shelves.

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