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This space is much quieter than the kitchen. This is retreat from the daily routine, it is where we read, listen to music, watch TV or just relax on the couch.  To reflect this, the lighting should be adequately providing a cosy and balanced mood.

General lighting

Wall lighting or ceiling lights are there to be part of the basic installation and to provide your living room with a balanced and warm atmosphere,  but you can add spotlights where they are needed. And don’t forget the indirect background lighting for the television! 

Lighting for reading

You need more than just the right book to delve into other worlds; you also need the right lighting. So choose lighting that stands out for its lack of flicker and glare and provides calm and uniformity. You will ideally get the right lighting for the pleasure of reading with table lamps or standard  extendable lamps. With their light directed towards the ceiling, standard lamps provide optimum indirect lighting in your living room. 

Accentuated lighting

Accent lighting is the finishing touch for the lighting of your living room. Highlights paintings, or use spotlights to draw attention to certain images, art works or any other important object.  It emphasizes elegance.

Trust an INTER Luminaires specialist to guide you towards the best choice of lighting for your interior! 

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