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The garden or terrace is, especially in summer, your second outdoor living space. And if you have the right lighting, you can also enjoy this living room after sunset.

General lighting

f you want to surround your garden or terrace with mood lighting, creativity knows no bounds. There is a whole range of light accents designed for plants, pedestals and many products,such as solar lamps, to provide colorful outdoors accents. Discover the various styles at an INTER Luminaires store near you and you will certainly find the LED light or classic lantern just right for you.

Safety lights

A well-lit and user-friendly path leading to your front door welcomes your guests and keeps “unwanted visitors” away. Adequate lighting is provided, at your front door and on the surrounding steps, with sensor-controlled lights that turn on when needed.

Installation of an exterior lighting system

A well-lit entrance provides a feeling of safety and security. Outdoor fixtures can be installed in a variety of ways: on an electrical tower with an underground distribution box or on the walls of the building. An outdoor presence detector is especially useful, as it saves you money and energy. 

Visit an INTER Luminaires store to find everything you need to achieve the perfect lighting for your outdoor space.

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