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Playing, having a good time, learning and relaxing, in any case, this room should be a haven for the youngest members of the family, a place where the atmosphere confers happiness and safety. The correct lighting strongly contributes to the purpose of the room. 

General lighting

Anything is allowed regarding the lighting of the children’s room, as long as it is not boring. Among our products, you will find a wide range of colorful wall and ceiling fixtures, as well as spotlights, designed with children’s perspectives in mind : lighting fixtures that children will love.

Desk lamps

Scribbling, painting colorful pictures, studying – the desk is where it all happens! Desk lamps should be bright, even and glare-free, in order to protect young eyes.

Focused lighting

Children also have favourite objects that deserve to be displayed with the best light. For example, picture lamps, or clip lights, can be used to highlight the posters of their favorite stars or music bands.  Built-in or recessed lights will also brighten their childhood adventures’ treasures.

Trust an INTER Luminaires specialist to guide you towards the best choice of lighting for your home!  

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