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Whether to improve the atmosphere of a romantic dinner, or when you’re watching a movie, you’ll love your dimmer. In fact, it is a perfect tool to increase the comfort of a room. With an adapted lighting, the ambiance can be completely changed.

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In this article, we will guide you through the different dimmers available on the market but, first of all, you need to identify the type of lighting you currently have. Virtually all lighting sources are dimmable, but some restrictions may apply. Here are the most common types of bulbs used in indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures on the residential market:


An incandescent light bulb can take many forms. This is the most common light source on the market today.

Halogen 12V and 120V

Halogen lamps are part of the incandescent family. These were designed to provide a whiter and brighter light. With their light weight and smaller size, they are used in compact and stylish fixtures.

Compact Fluorescent CFL

Compact fluorescent lamps are designed to give the same lumen intensity as incandescent lamps but with lower wattage. This technology is increasingly giving way to LED bulbs.


LED lighting is becoming the standard in the market. The main advantages of this technology are the low energy consumption and a very long lifespan.

Once you have determined your light source, it is important to know whether you need a single-pole or 3-way dimmer. Here is a simple question you must ask yourself:

From how many location can you turn on your light on?

One location: single pole dimmer

2 locations: 3-way dimmer

3 locations or more: multi-location dimmer

Dimmers for incandescent, fluorescent, 120V halogen and LED

We recommend buying the new dimmers, which are compatible with these types of lamps: incandescent lamps, CFL, 120V halogen and LED. Note that your fluocompact bulb must be dimmable. Also, LED lamps must be compatible with the dimmer. You can find this information on the technical data sheet of the light bulb, in the “compatible dimmers” section.

Drop by one of our INTER Luminaires stores. We will be happy to advise you further on your choice of dimmer.

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