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The latest trends can be summed up as explosions of colors, audacity and opulence. Ascetic design is a thing of the past, as we go towards rich and colorful decors, from which emerges an atmosphere of optimism and happiness. We must feel the rooms are alive, lived in.

On the lighting aspect, impact fixtures are the trendiest. Let’s have fun with luminaires that are out of the ordinary, both because they are oversized and original. The lighting fixture becomes the signature of the room, kind of like a work of art. Don’t hesitate to create lighting effects with wall sconces that will give texture to the walls and create 3D effects.

Trends are there to inspire. To help you create a decor that will reflect your personality, ask for in-store advice. An INTER Luminaires specialist will guide you towards the best choices and help you create a trendy and spectacular lighting!

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