14 March 2017 | Design and advice


The kitchen is normally the centrepiece of every home. This is where you meet to talk, learn and play. So the requirements for lighting are ever so widely varied.

Work surface and kitchen island lighting

For simple and efficient working in the kitchen it is essential that there are no shadows on the work surface. The kitchen lights mounted below cabinets are important for this purpose.Slim LED light bars can be installed directly on the underside of cabinets, making them ideal for illuminating countertops and preparation areas. The LED light bars exist in a wide variety of lengths and they are connectable, so even long kitchen counters can be fully and evenly lit. They can either be wired into the wall for a perfect look or plugged in for easy installation. And if there are still shadows on your work surfaces, you will soon be convinced by our ideas of lighting devices projected down.

Lighting the kitchen island is important. To prepare, cook or share a small meal, pendant lighting is always the best solution for lighting this space. Pendant lighting surely add style to space, but it can also help create an open feeling and visually aerate the kitchen. The results are always impressive!

Trust INTER Luminaires specialists to guide you towards the best lighting choice for your interior!

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